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Doma is an artist collective formed in 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s production is characterized by a critical and biting view of reality’s absurdity. Their focus is on where contradiction and paradox reside. Their work comprises various formats and interdisciplinary works harnessing different technologies. Doma presents miniature pieces to large-scale projects, and ever since their origins in urban art, collaborative work, experimentation, and DIY have been the axis of their practice.

The founding members of the group met at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU), University of Buenos Aires, while studying Graphic & Audiovisual Design. Doma compiled its actions in a self-published book called Doma00, which started a domino effect that included an invitation to show at MALBA Museum’s Contemporáneos 2 exhibition in 2002. That same year they won Ruth Benzacar Gallery’s “Curriculum Cero” award and had a show in the gallery in 2003. Between 2004 and 2005 they became allies of the mythic experimental animation signal The Locomotion Channel. They are the creators of Coloso in Tecnópolis (Buenos Aires) and their 2007’s Kidrobot Dunny is featured in Moma’s permanent collection.

They have worked non-stop for 20 years trying to disrupt processes of symbolic perception, using the system’s own codes and looking for new viewpoints, actions and reactions. Nowadays, this collective speaks to a new process of contraction of capitalism and is devoted to producing content and work that will inspire and open people’s eyes and spread strength to cope with what’s going on in the world and what’s to come. Doma collective is currently run by Orilo Blandini and Julián Manzelli.

Gallery Exhibitions

    • Doma | "I Want You" glass display dome with diorama, 8 in. diameter (20cm)

    • Doma | "Game of Life" hanging capsule diorama, cristal acrylic, 16 in. diameter (40cm)

    • Doma | "Fair Play I (small version)" artwork in collaboration with artist TEC, small ping pong table, series of 5

    • Doma | "Atomic Delivery" wood and plastic, mixed media

    • Doma | "Primate Involution" cinetic sculpture, electromechanical device, series of 2

    • Doma | "Politicians" sculpture on linden wood, series of 3, 24 in. height (60cm)