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Pixel Pancho (b. 1984, Turin) as a child he developed a passion for art. His grandfather was a hobby painter and taught him everything he knew about colors, shapes and the sense of art. As a result he was soon convinced that his future lay in the art world. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Albertina and finished his study in Valencia (Spain). While following his studies, and especially during his time in Spain, Pixel Pancho became well known in the world of graffiti and street art. He was inspired by life in the street and by his fellow art students. He began to use the walls of the Spanish city as his canvas and expanded its collection of works. Later he traveled extensively between Valencia and Turin and on his way he painted different streets. While making art he increasingly developed his style.

Pixel Pancho has evolved his own style from multiple influences in the art world. Surrealist Salvador Dali, historical painter Joaquin Sorolla and the political artist group El Equipo Cronica are great examples for Pixel Pancho. He combines their particular styles with his own. He works with a wide range of topics, but the robot is surely more common than all other subjects he likes to use. He gives a good explanation for using them. In an interview he says he is driven by a forgotten world which is hidden under a thick blanket of dust and dirt. There are robots that are dented and broken to rot in the ground, while the rusted iron of their body is falling apart, as if they were discarded into oblivion. By using the robots in his works, these robots will get a new life. The artworks of Pixel Pancho are not just images, they tell complete stories. His works can be admired all over the world, from major cities in Europe, like Belgium, to important places in Mexico and the United States. In most works he shows the humanisation of the robot, which he expresses a personal stamp on all his works.

“Androidèi”, Galleria Versi, Rome – Solo

“Memory of Our Life”, StolenSpace Gallery Two, London – Solo

“Garden of Eden”, Turin – Solo
“Pow!Wow! Hawai’i”, Honolulu Museum Of Art School in Honolulu, HI
“Public”, Streets of the Perth CBD

“Robolution”, Artiflex Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium – Solo
“The Dead Heroes”, Soze Gallery, LA – Solo
“MURAL Festival”, Montreal, Canada
“Art Basel” Miami Beach, Miami

“See No Evil”, Bristol, UK
“Hal0Hal0”, Circolo Culturale Amantes – Solo
“Home Sweet home”, Galo Art Gallery, Turin, Italy – Solo

“Sogno Americano”, Art Whino Gallery, Washginton – Solo
“Battle Series Part 1”, The poster cause project

“G40 the Summit”, Art Whino Gallery, Washginton
“Willcommen In Miener Welt”, Avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier – Solo
“Sky like Canvas. Vol 1”, Web gallery and shop
“SAW Tour 010”, Pretty Poratal Gallery, Dusselford, Germany
“SNNC”, Common Ground Gallery, Berlin
“SAVE THE ROBOTS”, Art Gallery Studio55, Paris – Solo

“Sabado 5 De”, Convento Jursaleum 49, Montana, Valencia
“Across Rewriting”, Galo Art Gallery, Turin, Italy

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