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Layers28_2019_160x114cm_Technique mixte sur toile
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Miami Landscape4 web
Sans titre-Mia3 web
Sans titre-Mia11 web
Sans titre-Mia10 web
Layers28_2019_160x114cm_Technique mixte sur toile
Layers27_2019_160x114cm_Technique mixte sur toile copy
Layers30_2019_160x114cm_Technique mixte sur toile copy
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Recognized internationally as a traditional graffiti artist, Tilt began his practice as a youngster on the streets and train cars of Toulouse, France. Developing his love for graffiti in the 1980s as a rebellious youth, Tilt perfected his artistic practice to reflect his growing love of this mode of expression. A self-declared “graffiti fetishist,” Tilt has travelled the globe to spread his artistic vision. His pieces, on walls and in exhibits, can be seen in the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Taiwan, China, Canada, Philippines, Indonnesia, Maldivians and throughout Europe.

Tilt recalls both primitive lettering and more complicated 3D, wildstyle, characters with an emphasis on strong colors and high impact shapes. The majority of his paintings focus on the stylization of his name, rendered in “throw-up” bubble letters. Designed for fast execution, “throw-ups” allow graffiti artists to quickly and efficiently lay down their art on the urban landscape. Most interested in conveying the action of graffiti throw-ups and tagging, Tilt’s style retains this classic hip-hop graffiti ideology.

Tilt lives and works in Toulouse.


Story Telling Fabien Castanier Gallery | Miami, FL


Art Wynwood Fabien Castanier Gallery | Miami, FL
Lines & Dots Atelier des Bains | Geneva, Switzerland


Tilt Galerie David Pluskwa | Marseille, France – SOLO
Magic & Destory Galerie Wallworks | Paris, France – SOLO
M.T.A. Galerie At Down | Montpellier, France
Write & Repeat Stolen Space | London, UK
Wider than a postcard Breeze Block Gallery | Portland, OR
Artstübli Schleifferei | Basel, Switzerland
La Dernière Vague Friche de la Belle de Mai | Marseille, France
Mister Freeze Le Frigo | Toulouse, France
Inédite(s) Galerie David Pluskwa | Marseille, France
Hypergraphia BC Gallery | Berlin, Germany
Avant Premiere Atelier des Bains | Geneva, Switzerland
Grand Master Opening Atelier des Bains | Geneva, Switzerland
All You Can Eat Fabien Castanier Gallery | Los Angeles, CA – SOLO
Los Angeles Art Show Fabien Castanier Gallery | Los Angeles, CA


Leave the beef on the BBQ, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Art and Toys (Collection Selim Varol), Me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany
Suspect, Galerie Schöneck, Basel, Switzerland
French Invasion, Galerie Fabien Castanier, Los Angeles, USA
Agnostic Fonts Montana Gallery | Barcelona, Spain
Fifty Fifty, Galerie MathGoth, Paris, France
Ne pas effacer, Galerie Wallworks, Paris, France
Off the Wall Galerie Wallworks | Paris, France


A.B.C. Montana Gallery | Montpellier, France – SOLO
Santa’s Ghetto Pictures On Walls | London, England
Thrilla Manila Secret Fresh Gallery | Manila, Philippines
Off The Wall Artspace@Helutrans | Singapore
ArtYou Ackermannshof | Basel, Switzerland
Europa Graffiti Pavillon Carré de Baudouin | Paris, France
Infamous The Space | Hong-Kong
Graffiti Art Art Monaco’12 | Monaco, France
Bad Painting Galerie 208 | Paris, France
UrbanArt – Graffiti 21 Völklinger Hütte | Saarbrücken, Germany


My Love Letters Celal Gallery | Paris, France – SOLO
Tribute to Dare K31 gallery | Lahr, Germany
Street Art Espace Croix Baragnon | Toulouse, France
Faux Jumeaux (with Mist) Speerstra Gallery | Bursins, Switzerland
Encounters AE studios LIC | Long Island City, NY


Artotale Leuphana Urban Art Project | Luneberg, Germany
Roots and Buds GHP Galerie | Toulouse, France
The Generations 2nd Floor Gallery | New York, NY


Fresh air smells funny Dominikanerkriche Museum | Osnabrueck, Germany
Call it what you like Silkeborg Bad Center of Art | Silkeborg, Denmark
Explicit Fantastic Keep Six Contemporary Gallery | Toronto, Canada
Urban Art Museum of Modern Art | Bremen, Germany


Wildstylers Carhartt Gallery | Weil eim Rhein, Germany
Still on and non the wiser Kunsthalle Barmen Museum | Wuppertal, Germany
Waking up nights De Pury and Luxembourg Gallery | Zürich, Switzerland
We are the people darker than blue Stilwerk | Hambourg, Germany
Hinter den Sieben Bergen Patricia Low Contemporary | Gstaad, Switzerland
Coming soon Von-der-Heydt Museum | Berlin, Germany


Bubble FeTiltism Kidrobot space | New York, NY – SOLO
BubbleGirls Aimecube | Paris, France – SOLO
Overdose Mc Caig and Welles Gallery | New York, NY
Retour de Chine Musée d’art contemporain les Abattoirs | Toulouse, France
Art Berlin Reinking Projekte | Berlin, Germany
Art Cologne Revolver | Rik and René, Cologne, Germany
Paint Ball Pirate Space Kidrobot | New York, NY
Worldwide Babitches Grand OFR, London, England – SOLO


Egodrips Disrupt gallery | Auckland, New Zealand – SOLO
FeTiltism Refill Space | Sydney, Australia – SOLO
Modern Graffitis Tank loft | Art institute, Chongqin, China


A change of direction Galerie St Ravy | Montpellier, France
Yone Love Thunderbirds | Tokyo, Japan
Kosmopolite Kitchen 93 Galerie | Paris, France
Je m’installe aux Abattoirs (Agnès B collection) Musée d’art contemporain les Abattoirs | Toulouse, France


Style Heritage Palais de Tokyo | Paris, France
Alive Paintings Phat Cat Space | Tokyo, Japan


Graffiti Totems et tabous Chateau Malromé Toulouse Lautrec | Bordeaux, France
Graffiti dans tout ses états Taxie Gallery | Paris, France


Rencontres Hip-Hop Niort, France
Post Graffiti Centre national Musée Jean Jaures | Castres, France


Visions Logoscope Galerie | Monaco, France


Graffiti Art Contemporary Art Museum | Vienna, Austria


Biénale d’Art Contemporain Place Belcourt Lyon, France

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