Mambo: LINKS

LOS ANGELES | Solo Exhibition March 25 - April 22, 2017

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce our first 2017 Los Angeles show, LINKS, a solo exhibition for French, now L.A. based artist Mambo. Since moving to Southern California in 2011, the artist has created a body of work that has never been shown until now, highlighting paintings, works on paper, three-dimensional pieces, and a special installation.

LINKS will present a selection from Mambo’s “Brainology” series, work that derives its aesthetics and conceptual foundation on the complexities of the brain and by extension, the mind. Always fascinated by the brain as a biological function, Mambo also seeks to explore the more symbolic reflections of synapses we see in the world around us: the ecosystem, the social fabric, the internet, and more generally the systems of connection between people, planets, and atoms… the links that bind everything together.

Visually, Mambo’s paintings are at once gestural and intuitive, but also calculated and almost mathematical. He describes his series as “mental maps” – The fluctuating shapes and patterns a reflection of the intricacies of neural functions and imagination. His paintings, thus, can be interpreted as deeply personal. They represent an examination of his own psyche, recalling images from his dreams and accumulation of experiences. On a more conscious level, Mambo’s work is in itself a link between worlds. On the edge between contemporary and street art as well as on a cross-cultural level, his paintings link disparate backgrounds as an echo of the artist himself.

Mambo was born in Chile in 1969, from a French father and Hungarian mother. He grew up in Latin America and began his artistic career in Paris. An avid world traveler, Mambo has gained inspiration from his global journey. He’s shown in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. He has recently worked on high-profile projects with a number of different companies, including Prada, Moynat, and Samsung.

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