Miaz Brothers: Miaz Brothers & the Masters

Los Angeles Solo Exhibition | September 13 - October 11, 2014

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present “Miaz Brothers and the Masters,” a solo exhibition by the Miaz Brothers that will open September 13 and run until October 11. This will be the first exhibition in the United States for the Italian duo.

The Miaz Brothers present a radical new take on portraiture. The siblings work in tandem to conceptualize and create large-format pieces on canvas using aerosol paint. The Antimatter Series, as their body of work is known, has incorporated a diverse range of subjects, and for this exhibition they will focus on figures from the Renaissance – the “Masters.”

“We look to provide a visual experience that activates our awareness that compels the viewer to recognize and re-establish the limits of his or her own perception, to regain control of the real.”

With these evocative, ghost-like portraits, the brothers explore the notion of perception rather than representation. They have broken down the material – the details and the texture of faces and expressions – and literally blurred everything truly tangible about the image. Thus, the artists hope to present the viewer with an exercise in memory and personal association, rendering the soul of the portrait rather than any concrete signifiers. Their paintings are ethereal and mysterious – stirring interpretations of familiar figures.

The artists will be in Los Angeles prior to the opening of the exhibition. For press inquiries, interviews, and additional requests, please contact the gallery.

Artists in this Exhibition

Miaz Brothers

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