ODEÓN 2015 Art Fair

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce the gallery will be participating in this year’s Odeón art fair. Odeón will be celebrating its fifth edition happening October 1st through 5th. The fair focuses on providing a platform for both emerging and independent galleries to enter into the Latin American art market. Fabien Castanier Gallery will be showing the work of the Miaz Brothers and RERO.

Odeón, considered the main alternative art fair, will celebrate its fifth version with the country of Brazil as the guest of honor; five of the best contemporary galleries from Brazil will attend this year’s celebration. Odeón seeks to provide a platform for both emerging galleries and independent spaces to join the art market in Colombia and Latin America. The fair is part of Espacio Odeón’s visual arts program, which throughout the year promotes the work of emerging and mid-career artists and curators. Espacio Odeón is thus a platform not only for galleries, but also for artists, curators, and other members of the art circuit.

Additionally, the fair will include other galleries from Los Angeles, Lima, La Habana, Medellin and Bogotá. The artists selected for this year’s Solo Projects are Salvadorian artist Walterio Iraheta and Chilean artist Ignacio Gatica.
Visitors will be able to see two site-specific art installations by Colombian artists Leyla Cárdenas and Luis Fernando Rámirez as well as a public circulation piece by artist Kevin Mancera. The event will also include an academic program that seeks to bring the public closer to the different processes of cultural management, curatorial development and circulation of contemporary art.

Fabien Castanier Gallery, Booth 07
For additional details please visit www.espacioodeon.com.

Artists in this Exhibition

Miaz Brothers


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