Outland: Sonia Falcone & Gastón Ugalde

Los Angeles | Group Exhibition, March 12 - April 30, 2016

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present Outland, featuring the work of two seminal Bolivian artists, Sonia Falcone and Gastón Ugalde. The artists have become internationally recognized for their contribution to the global cultural landscape, representing Bolivia at a number of major exhibitions including several editions of the Venice Biennale. Both will present new work deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of their native country transformed through a contemporary perspective and with materials that speak to the modern dialogue between humanity and politics, geography, and spirituality.

Sonia Falcone creates paintings and installations that call forth a universal spirituality expressed through the vibrant colors and forms found in traditional Bolivian culture. She often chooses to engage all of the senses for her installations, creating an all-encompassing sensorial experience for the viewer. Many of her pieces return to the idea of finding one’s spiritual foundation, presenting the abstract and complex relationship between natural forms (i.e. the Andes Mountains) and societal constructs such as war and commerce.

Gastón Ugalde’s artwork spans a diversity of media, from painting and photography, to collage, installation and performance. He creates minimalist compositions with materials and symbols that resonate strongly with Andean culture and politics. Ugalde’s most notable works are meticulously crafted from coca leaves, utilizing the duo-tone nature of the plant to create striking presentations. The artist engages with the landscape and traditions of Bolivia, re-working the mythos of these elements through the contemporary framework of history and the effects of modernization.

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