Speedy Graphito: FREEWAY

Solo Exhibition Los Angeles | September 24 - October 23, 2011

Fabien Castanier Gallery presents the first solo exhibition for Speedy Graphito, Freeway.

Olivier Rizzo, alias: Speedy Graphito, is one of the pioneers of the French “Street Art” movement. An imprint of the collective memory of a whole generation, Speedy’s innovative and hard-hitting style began in the 1980s. Continuously forwarding his medium, Speedy is always in sync with the current cultural momentum. His pictorial language is iconoclastic, taking a satiric look at our society. Debuting his career in the 1980s, Speedy Graphito’s painting style has never stopped evolving, and his colored frescoes continue to enchant the walls of Paris. His paintings can be found worldwide, and Speedy has enjoyed numerous solo exhibitions. Already recognized in the international arena, Speedy Graphito’s art is well known in France, England, Belgium, India, Japan, Brazil, and Dubai, as well as multiple major auction houses. His original pop-graffiti style continues to be his trademark. Speedy Graphito has taken a strong look at our society, and his art feeds on the collective memory of iconic imagery to create a new universal language. Today his work has become a reference, and Speedy himself is an icon and influence for the next generation of artists, and the ever changing cultural landscape.

Artists in this Exhibition

Speedy Graphito

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