Summer group exhibition
June 11 – July 31, 2022

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to present a summer group exhibition featuring work from JonOne, Jan Kaláb, Carlos Jorge, Mark Jenkins, Speedy Graphito, and RERO. The show will be on view June 11 through July 31, commencing with an opening reception on Saturday, June 11th. The exhibition will highlight a curated selection of work from the gallery’s collection, as well as introduce paintings from a new artist, Carlos Jorge.

The paintings of JonOne (b. 1963) exhibit an enormous sense of movement and color. His compositions combine freestyle, precise strokes, repetition and texture for a uniquely balanced yet dynamic visual experience. Since moving from New York, where he was born, to Paris, where he now lives and works, JonOne has ushered in a new era of contemporary artists, ones who have moved beyond their roots as graffiti writers to establish themselves as painters. He has worked on a number of collaborations, lending original designs of his style to notable companies such as Perrier, Air France, Lacoste, Guerlain, Hennessy, and LG. He has also exhibited at several important galleries and institutions, including the Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art and the Grand Palais in Paris. In 2015, he was given the Legion of Honor from France, celebrating the achievement with a painting “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” which was unveiled at the Palais Bourbon, the seat of the French National Assembly.

Jan Kaláb (b. 1978), Prague-based contemporary artist, presents vibrant and dynamic compositions that meld the versatility of his canvas medium with the layered depth of sculpture. Incorporating studies in structure and mood, the artist delivers paintings resplendent in organic form. Playing with variations in geometry, Kaláb paints on constructed canvases of various shapes and combinations. The evolution of his style has led to a distillation of ephemeral color. He captures light and shade that seem to move with the curves of the substrate, becoming one. His pieces are harmonious and minimalist studies – immersive works that reflect his complex understanding of the fluidity in the signs and symbols of abstraction.

Carlos Jorge (b. 1970) is a Mexican artist, currently based in Miami, who is most known for his large-scale paintings that display vibrant and exuberant use of color. The artist uses his canvas to express surreal narratives, an exercise of memory, in which pop iconography, fashion, and allusions to Miró and Gauguin collide. With deliberate employment of color and texture, the artist’s abstractions create planes of bright and evocative imagery. Jorge studied at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy, under such icons as Wayne Thiebaud and Knox Martin. He’s held exhibitions in Mexico and the U.S. since the early 1990s, and in 1997, his solo exhibition was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Seventh Biennial of Visual Arts in Mérida, Yucatán. His works are part of private and public collections, such as the Museum of the City of Mérida, Yucatán, in Mexico.

Mark Jenkins (b. 1970) is an American sculptor and installation artist whose work focuses on a variety of urban and social themes, re-defining the limits of sculpture both in the public sphere, where many of his pieces have been found, to the more intimate realm of the contemporary gallery setting. The foundation of his artwork is in the artist’s specific technique, casting objects as well as his own body (and those of others) using conventional packing tape and plastic wrap. Encompassing the actual form of these subjects with his method, he has materialized a range of hyper-realistic, and surrealistic, characters. For the past few years, Jenkins has brought his pieces around the world for a variety of projects and public art events, including collaborations with Balenciaga and exhibition at the Rose Béton biennale in Toulouse, France.

Recognized internationally as one of the pioneers of the French Street Art movement, Speedy Graphito (b. 1961) presents an artistic universe built on an honest dialogue concerning the role of the image within modern society. Since the inception of his career in 1980s Paris, his work has dealt with concepts of commercialism, iconography, and pop culture. A student of the renowned School of Art Estienne, he has since cemented his place as one of the most influential figures who emerged from the Parisian art scene four decades ago. The artist’s work, including large-scale installations and murals, are exhibited in galleries and institutions around the world. He has shown in two notable museums in the U.S. and France. A comprehensive retrospective exhibition of his work was shown at Le Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage, entitled “Un Art De Vivre”. More recently, new works of his were featured in the group show “Tech Effect” at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach, FL.

The work of French artist RERO (b. 1983), while instantly recognizable from his distinctive visual style, contains within it an inherent fluidity as he explores myriad social concepts, from technology and consumerism to language and obsolescence. He continually stretches the boundaries of his artistic mediums, often choosing to forego traditional surfaces on which to plant his minimalist statements. RERO’s text, always in the same Verdana font and stripped of any flourish beyond a bold strike-through line, become embedded within the medium. Intriguing, luminous, rich in modern and transgressive poetry, RERO’s works have been presented at the MAC/VAL, the Center Pompidou, the CentQuatre, the Vasarely Foundation, the Grand Palais and the MAC Bogotá. Full of audacity, his off-format installations have taken root on the dunes of the Moroccan desert, in the heart of Latin America and in the landscapes of California.

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