Urban Exposure: Charlie Anderson & Guillaume Zuili

Los Angeles Dual Exhibition | April 7 - May 6, 2012

Urban Exposure will feature new work from emerging British artist Charlie Anderson and French-born, L.A. based artist, Guillaume Zuili. This will be the first show by Charlie Anderson in the United States. Urban Exposure presents raw interpretations of Los Angeles from the eyes of international artists.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, painter Charlie Anderson explores meaning through the juxtaposition of conflicting ideas and imagery taken from all aspects of contemporary life. Through the layering of words, phrases, and images, he creates all new definitions, often with a satirical twist.  His work recalls the weathered layers of street advertisements and subway posters, yet he produces each of his works entirely with paint.

Since moving to Los Angeles 12 years ago from Paris, Guillaume Zuili has been fascinated by documenting his encounters with Los Angeles and the myth of “The Golden State”. For Urban Exposure, Guillaume Zuili features a series of photographic collages as a lighted installation. Bright lights, dark places, sinister behaviors- Zuili captures his California reality on film, developed with sublime grit.

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