JonOne: West Side Stories

Los Angeles Solo Exhibition | June 7 - July 12, 2014

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present “West Side Stories,” solo exhibition by JonOne, which will open June 7 and run until July 12. This will be the second solo exhibition for the internationally acclaimed artist at the gallery, celebrating his return to the West Coast. “West Side Stories” also marks the occasion of the second exhibition since Fabien Castanier Gallery’s relocation to Culver City.

JonOne is the quintessential urban contemporary artist. One who has broken the boundaries of his genre and has successfully re-imagined his roots as a street artist with paintings that place him at the very forefront of the movement. For the past 25 years, JonOne has developed an impressive body of work built on the foundation of his youth in New York during the 1980s. Unable to contain his drive for artistic expression, he was quickly drawn to Paris, where he found the freedom and inspiration to create his most notable works and establish a burgeoning artistic career.

Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock or Jean Dubuffet, JonOne’s unique form of abstract expressionism seeks to redefine the limits of the street artist’s calligraphy. For his return to Los Angeles, he brings paintings that display his signature mastery of color composition and unparalleled energy. The work for “West Side Stories” represents JonOne at his most daring, as he explores once again the ineffable spirit of the West Coast.

Since his first solo exhibition in L.A., “A Beautiful Madness,” in November 2012, which garnered international attention from the public and from top collectors, JonOne has quickly risen as a key figure in urban contemporary art. His global acclaim has only increased as his roots in New York, Paris, and now Los Angeles have brought him expanding interest on the international and national art market. From Paris to Shanghai, Casablanca to Hong-Kong, JonOne continues to make his mark on the cultural landscape.

The artist will be in Los Angeles for three weeks prior to the opening of the exhibition. For press inquiries, interviews, and additional requests, please contact the gallery.

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