Cameroonian Artist Group Exhibition

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition in collaboration with gallery owner and curator Sten Kadji, featuring work from five burgeoning contemporary artists from the west-central African country of Cameroon. Continuing our gallery’s program of cultivating international artists and introducing them to new audiences, this exhibition strives to highlight the ever-growing and prolific art scene of Cameroon. A new creative era has emerged in the country, with young artists exploring identity and cultural self-determination for a flourishing art market. What began in the 1990s with the establishment of seminal art institutions that provided visibility and community to artists, soon evolved into a dynamic and vibrant scene of image makers who bridge the gap between generations, urban and rural, past and future. With the expansion of artistic and cultural spaces across Africa, contemporary artists now hope to represent the fundamental diversity found within not only the continent but each country and region

The five artists in Tales from Home, who originate from different parts of Cameroon, bring their unique perspectives together with work that portrays the world through their individual lenses. Themes of identity, community, social strife, and personal expression, weave in and out of the paintings in this exhibition. With a masterful sense of time and place, the artists convey a rich and vibrant tableau of contemporary Cameroonian culture and its various regional distinctions.

Tales from Home features work from


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