First Solo Exhibitions of 2019

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce our first solo exhibitions opening in January 2019...

Speedy Graphito's "BEYOND THE FUTURE" show will open Sunday January 13th at our Wynwood location with a brunch reception with the artist at 11am. The exhibition, which will be on view from Jan 13 - Feb 9, represents the artist's first step in his new evolution. Since the 1980s, the artist has changed and adapted with the times, experimenting with new mediums and styles in a way that reflected upon his personal view of the world and the changing cultural landscape. This exhibition sees Speedy explore a new frontier that evokes both a sense of nostalgia and breeds the impetus to gaze upon the future. Click here for more information on Speedy's show.

An exhibition by Colombian photographer, Gabriel Eisenband Gontovnik, entitled "COLOMIBA: Into the Wild" will open on Sunday January 20th at our Little River location. Over the past two years, Eisenband has been on a journey across his home country in order to document for the first time the mostly unknown landscapes of Colombia’s National Parks. The exhibition includes the work that was commissioned for the preeminent photographic book on the country’s park system, an area that covers 14 million hectares – a total of 12% of the country’s land mass. Click here for more information on Eisenband's show.

The exhibition isn't open yet!
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