JonOne’s New Solo Show

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition for contemporary artist JonOne. This will be the sixth dedicated show for the artist, a monumental and significant exploration of his global legacy. New paintings and installation capture the essence of an artist whose work has influenced a generation of image-makers and who continues to push boundaries with his creative vision.

Join the Artist, Saturday April 1st from 6-9pm for the opening reception of the show.

Accompanying his new works on canvas, JonOne will complete a large-scale mural on the exterior of the Fabien Castanier Gallery space. Spanning 124 ft. (39m), the mural is an extension of the exhibition – a reminder of the foundation of his oeuvre and the roots of his storied evolution. From graffiti to gallery, JonOne exudes the grand journey of the contemporary urban artist. Forging his own path, his collection of newest pieces brings forth an energy that reflects his identity not only as a painter but as an individual in an ever-changing world.

JonOne’s work is a lens into a complex and vibrant world. He presents emotions through movement and color that act as a catalyst for self-reflection. An innovative dissection of composition and gesture is displayed within his abstract expressionism, and with relative ease the artist can conjure moments of joy and sorrow within a simple frenetic brush stroke. His command of color is triumphant yet subtle, as he plays with alternative palettes and bright shifts in pigment that appear exciting and harmonious to the eye. His work, as always, is approachable by definition – never pretentious or exclusionary. Paintings that are universal and enduring preside as they inspire creativity and expression within us all.

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