Mark Jenkins Returns to Miami

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition for American artist Mark JenkinsThe Harder They Come is on view March 26 through April 23. This is the third solo exhibition for Mark Jenkins at the Castanier Gallery, featuring a new collection of his signature sculptures and installations.

Join the artist for the opening reception, Saturday March 26th from 5-8pm.

Mark Jenkins’ sculptures continue to confront viewers with reality-bending immersion that for this exhibition shines a spotlight on the struggles of oppression and societal imbalance within the current global political climate. Tableaus that are at times imaginatively witty or dark and poignant, reflect a deeper understanding of the theatricality of life. The artist creates these hyper-realistic figures from casting the bodies of real people, more often than not from himself. By taking the realism of a life-size human sculpture and adorning it with absurdity, Jenkins exhibits an exploration of the surreal. The viewer’s reaction to the sculptures become part of the pieces – as the artist seeks to envelop the audience within the installation, holding a mirror up to the complexities of human connection and the collective unrest born from oppressive circumstances.

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