MEMORIA ENTRE LÍNEAS: a Group Exhibition in Bogotá

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present Memoria Entre Líneas a group show that combines paintings, sculptures, drawings and installations from the Colombian artists Aníbal Vallejo and Iván Castiblanco. Although their work emerges from different standpoints, these two artists share an interest in finding their own way of creating their pieces, they resist in making their work “in resemblance as”, their processes reflect a yearning to try and find new techniques outside the traditional approach. It is also noticeable that they both peruse a quest for perfection, which is achieved by the repetition within their work, both in the patterns within a single piece, as in the perpetuation of the series or the techniques. 

Fabien Castanier Gallery se siente orgullosa en  presentar la exposición “Memoria entre líneas” reúne pinturas, esculturas, dibujos e instalaciones de Aníbal Vallejo e Iván Castiblanco. Partiendo de temas distintos, estos dos artistas tienen en común la incuestionable calidad de su trabajo y la constante necesidad de experimentar con nuevas técnicas y materiales.

Opening reception with the Artists Thursday, February 4th from 7-10pm. The show will be on view at the gallery’s second location through March 5th.

Castanier Gallery | Bogota

Cra 23 No. 76-56 Bogotá, Colombia


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