Miler Lagos in Bogotá

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present our next solo exhibition in our Bogotá space, "El Venado de Oro," featuring new work from noted Colombian artist, Miler Lagos.

Lagos will present installations, drawings and sculptures for his show, which will draw inspiration from the landscape and mythology of his native Bogotá.

Lagos is one of the most prolific contemporary artists from Colombia, showing in galleries worldwide as well as in private collections and cultural institutions, including a number of international Biennales. Most known for his monumental multi-media installations, Lagos will explore the role that the rivers and waterways played in the formation of what is today's modern capital of Colombia.

The solo exhibition will open October 28th and will run until December 17th.

The Opening Reception will take place, Friday Oct 28 @10:00am.

For more info on his exhibition, click here.

The exhibition isn't open yet!
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