Multifarious Abstraction Extended

Please note that our current group exhibition Multifarious Abstraction has been extended and will now be on view through August 1st. 

Multifarious Abstraction, a group exhibition featuring the work of five Latin American artists, Magdalena Atria (Chile, 1966), Antonio Muñiz (Mexico, 1969), Ricardo Rendón (Mexico, 1970), Mariángeles Soto-Díaz (Venezuela, 1970), and Rubén Ortiz-Torres (Mexico, 1964). This exhibition is guest curated by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, a British/Venezuelan art historian and curator. Multifarious Abstractionbrings together these five artists to explore diverse themes related to art and experience through individual practices of conceptual abstraction.


The exhibition isn't open yet!
Check back here after the posted exhibition opening date/time.

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