My Sonic Youth: The Album

In My Sonic Youth, Stuart Semple uses painting, sculpture, and installation to explore social concepts in addition to dissecting the psychological evolution of youth culture over the course of several decades. The artist illustrates how spaces, communication, and music have changed drastically, forcing a generation of young people into a new kind of isolation. Heavily inspired by the music of his own youth, Semple uses references from music and art history to construct a fluid visual narrative, which tells the tale of a radical social and emotional shift among youth culture.

In addition to the work having a musically historical thread the exhibition is also accompanied with a limited edition vinyl record, which includes a custom soundtrack featuring collaborations with BLACK MOSES, OFFICERS, KARIMA FRANCIS, SAM FORREST (nine black alps), MAXIM (prodigy), ED LAURIE, PAUL FRYER, CHARLOTTE CHURCH, DOUG TIELL, and IAN PICKERING (sneaker pimps). The album is an edition of 250 which includes a 12" gatefold vinyl with a  bonus 7" vinyl, a signed and numbered screenprint, and an exclusive super high-def digital audio download link.

The vinyl was compiled & curated by: OFFICERS at the Bullfighter Dorm

Mastered by: James Barton

A&R: Emily Mann

All artwork: Stuart Semple

Proceeds will go to support of CALM (campaign against living miserably). My Sonic Youth is available for pre-order for delivery on or before 12th December. Contact the gallery for details. 

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