NEW EXHIBITIONS Opening March 2016

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce our upcoming exhibitions for March 2016.

In Los Angeles, we will present Outland, featuring new work by two contemporary Bolivian artists, Sonia Falcone and Gastón Ugalde. Both artists have represented Bolivia at several editions of the Venice Biennale and will be bringing their work - paintings, photography, installations - to Los Angeles. The exhibition will open Saturday, March 12th, with an opening reception with the artists.

In our Bogotá space, we are exhibiting new work in a solo show for the Czech artist Jan Kaláb. His show, entitled Pulso Cromático will feature new canvases with the artist's signature bright colors and geometric  forms. Kaláb is considered one of the pioneers in urban art in Eastern Europe following the fall of communism. His works are almost sculptural in the way he brings his colors to the very edge of his circular canvases. Pulso Cromático will open Thursday, March 17th, with an opening reception with the artist.

Follow the links below for more information about these two shows.


BOGOTÁ | Pulso Cromático

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