“NEW RULES” Group Exhibition Opens

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to present our latest group exhibition, New Rules, featuring work from artists: Add Fuel, Alex Kizu (DEFER), Jan Kaláb, Pixel Pancho, RERO, and Tilt. The show will be on view both in the virtual space, as well as with a selection of work exhibited at the gallery's location in Miami's Little Haiti. For a complete collection of pieces, contact the gallery for a pdf catalog.

New Rules, highlights six influential urban contemporary artists, who represent a generation of creators that have grown from their graffiti and street art roots to build the foundation of one of the most important genres of our time. Each with a rich history of gallery exhibitions, museum shows, outdoor public installations, and special projects, these artists have become integral to the evolution of urban art around the world.

The virtual exhibition will go on view Saturday, June 20th, via our website. Visit us here again when the show is live to see the online exhibition. If you'd like to make an appointment to view the works and the exhibition in person in Miami, please contact us.

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The exhibition isn't open yet!
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