RERO Solo Exhibition Opening in BOGOTÁ

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce the opening of RERO's first solo exhibition in our Bogotá space, "TOMESELO PERSONAL". The show will open June 2 and run until July 16.

The artist  has created a body of work based on several strategies of communication, where the intrinsic dynamics of conceptual art engage with particulars of graphic design, and where he studies different approaches to perceive the relationship that exists between language and art.  His pieces are woven through the visualization of philosophical quotes, cyber and mass language that build multiple layers of complexity, which reveal a critical approach and a refreshing view on the relationship between what can be seen and what can be stated. His versatility invites the viewer to stand in scenery where the possibilities to approach aesthetic concerns resist to be abstracted, representational or merely conceptual.

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The exhibition isn't open yet!
Check back here after the posted exhibition opening date/time.

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