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Fabien Castanier Gallery would like to thank Hunger TV for featuring Stuart Semple's artist interview. MY SONIC YOUTH is the LA debut for one of the UK’s most significant post YBA artists, Stuart Semple. See link below for the full interview.

Following a traumatic near death experience as a teenager studying fine art in the English countryside, Semple has gone on to exhibit in over 15 solo exhibitions internationally in China, Italy, London and NYC. He is best known for his paintings, which present an emotive and sociological perspective on mass culture. In My Sonic Youth, Semple uses painting, sculpture, and installation to explore social concepts in addition to dissecting the psychological evolution of youth culture over the course of several decades. The artist illustrates how spaces, communication, and music have changed drastically, forcing a generation of young people into a new kind of isolation. Heavily inspired by the music of his own youth, Semple uses references from music and art history to construct a fluid visual narrative, which tells the tale of a radical social and emotional shift among youth culture.

Hunger TV Arts and Culture, The Interview: Stuart Semple

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