Two Solo Exhibitions by Fidia Falaschetti and Diana Thorneycroft Open November 8

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce two simultaneous solo exhibitions that will both open November 8 and run until December 6. “POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT” from the Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti will be the artist’s first exhibition in the U.S. And, in the gallery’s project space, Canadian photographer Diana Thorneycroft presents “Canadians and Americans (best friends forever…it’s complicated).”

POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT: solo exhibition by Fidia Falaschetti

Falaschetti presents a wide range of multi-media pieces that delve into the concepts of commercialism, consumerism, pop culture and the globalization of mainstream media. For this exhibition, the artist explores the relationship between digital and analog, appropriating materials and elements of the past and transforming them into impactful contemporary objects.

As an artist with a commercial and design background, Falaschetti brings something different to the realm of socio-political art. He has witnessed the effects of commercialism and mainstream media and has now taken a step back to critique and analyze the consequences on both consumers and the art world.

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Concurrently, the gallery will have a solo exhibition for Canadian photographer Diana Thorneycroft in the project space. For more information about her show, click here.

Canadians and Americans (best friends forever... it's complicated) : solo exhibition by Diana Thorneycroft

In the gallery’s project room, Diana Thorneycroft transports us to a surreal dimension, where staged totems of American culture and identity collide with allusions to her native Canada. With the series, “Canadians & Americans (best friends forever… it’s complicated,” Thorneycroft presents chromogenic print photographs and a special installation of these provocative tableaus, each piece dripping with dark humor and a subversive whimsy.

Apparent in the artist’s photographs is a dialogue on mass media and popular culture. Specifically she finds herself dissecting the Canadian-United States socio-political dynamic. Employing the use of action figures, toys, and familiar imagery, Thorneycroft unveils a fanciful world full of irony and at times heavy subject matter. Moments of absurdity are cunningly juxtaposed with layers of serene landscapes and backdrops, interspersed with both somber and lighthearted characters. Her photographs depict violence, sexual tension, and the tenuous fraternity between contradictory cultural icons; these elements work collectively to convey a message of satire, all rendered within the artist’s meticulous environments.

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