WideWalls covers “Speedy Graphito: Made in America”

We are pleased to share Bojan Maric's review of Speedy Graphito's newest book, "Speedy Graphito: Made in America," on WideWalls.

There simply isn’t enough room to write about the achievements of Speedy Graphito within the field of urban and street art. The artist is one of the pioneers of the movement in France and Europe (find out more on the street art subculture in France – read History of Street Art in France and 10 Urban Artists From France). Known for a wide range of methodological output – from painting and sculpturing to installation, video and photography – Speedy Graphito has been evolving as an artist and a creative individual since the period of the beginning of the 1980s. In this regard, he represents a remarkable witness of an entire era and an entire movement. As time passed by, the artist became more and more skillful both in the urban and studio space, rendering his work to be a symphony of visual expression… It is with this cultural capital that the artist takes upon a role of an extraordinary chronicler…

Read the entire article here.

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