Past Exhibitions

  • Bill Claps: Natural Abstractions Florida

  • Pierre-Alain Münger: FULL METAL CRASH

  • Simon Berger: ECHOES

  • Add Fuel: APOPHENIA

  • Carlos Jorge: Selenophilia

  • JonOne: What’s My Name

  • Jan Kaláb: MIRAGE

  • Tales from Home


  • Mark Jenkins: The Harder They Come


  • Jan Kaláb: Symmetry & Soul

  • Jon Davis: Brokedown Palace

  • Ed Broner: CULTURE

  • New Rules

  • One World

  • Hermes Berrio: The Extravagance of the Quotidian

  • Time is Now II

  • JonOne: Colors of the Uprising

  • Mark Jenkins: From Here to Nowhere

  • Made in Haiti : Seth + Martha Cooper

  • Jan Kaláb : Shape & Tone

  • Doma: U Owe Me 5


  • COLOMBIA: Into the Wild

  • Speedy Graphito: BEYOND THE FUTURE

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