Past Exhibitions

  • Fidia Falaschetti: POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT

  • Miaz Brothers: Miaz Brothers & the Masters

  • JonOne: West Side Stories

  • IN SITU: Exhibition featuring Mark Jenkins & Liu Bolin

  • Speedy Graphito Pop-Up Show: Hypnotic

  • Risk: Metallic Tissue

  • PARALLELS: L’Atlas & Thomas Canto

  • Speedy Graphito: NEWWORLDS

  • Between the Lines: Alex Kizu, Smash137 & Mist


  • Tilt: All You Can Eat

  • JonOne: A Beautiful Madness


  • French Invasion: Group Exhibition

  • Urban Exposure: Charlie Anderson & Guillaume Zuili

  • Rimi Yang: The New Decadence

  • Drill Baby Drill: Eric Liot and Michael Kalish

  • Speedy Graphito: FREEWAY

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